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Loan Forms

All mortgages require the Fannie Mae standard five page application form (also referred to as “URLA” (Uniform Residential Loan Application) or “the 1003” (FNMA form number) to be filled out and signed. URLA lays out your identification data, employment history for the last two years, your income stream and debt payments, and your personal balance sheet. Bank accounts, CD's, retirement savings, etc. = Assets. Credit cards, student loans, other mortgages = Liabilities. As reported in the Wise Advice about Credit Scores, the first part of determining your eligibility is your FICO score. The required disclosures include permission forms to run credit, various federal disclosures, and loan origination agreements - a total of seven pages. These need to be signed and sent in, as well. The checklist shows all of the documents that need to be supplied.
Uniform Residential Application Form (FNMA #1003)
Wise Advice on Completing your Application
Loan Submission Checklist 
IRS Income Tax Disclosure Form 4506-T 

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